EDMUNDO is a service offered by the EDUCATIVA Group and provides information, counseling and assistance to young people who want to study abroad in bachelor or master programs offered by prestigious institutions of higher education from Europe, United States and Canada.

We base our activity on our deep knowledge of the international educational systems, our wide network of contacts with international universities, our connections with students who have studied abroad with our help as well as our experience in implementing a multitude of projects aimed at young people.

Among EDUCATIVA‘s projects aimed at young people there are:

  • IUF – The International University Fair organized in Greece by EDUCATIVA
  • UNIVERSALIO – premium educational consulting services for top international universities
  • EDMERICA – expert guidance for young people who want to study in United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • we will assist you with the information you need to choose the programme and institutions that fit your profile and career wishes.
  • the counsellors will help you put together the best possible application for studies you can have (without writing it for you or intervening on your options). You will have access to guides, best practices and comprehensive knowledge and experience from your personal counsellor.
  • we will keep close contact with the universities you applied for so that you can have full control over the whole process.
  • the counsellor will also give you information about potential scholarships and financing opportunities and help you apply
  • once decided where you want to go we’ll help with information about accommodation and also try and connect you with fellow students that can answer your questions out of their own experience on campus.

EDUCATIVA (the parent company) started organizing education fairs and now organizes the largest events of this kind in Eastern Europe. As we kept on receiving questions about studying abroad from the visitors at the fairs we decided we could do more to help them with their applications throughout the year, not just at our events. EDUCATIVA, thus, launched in 2007 the service called EDMUNDO – A World of Education as a way to assist students in their process of applying for international universities. As we grew we were approached by more and more universities that wanted to use EDMUNDO as a promotional and marketing platform for their brand and, this way, enable our service to grow based on the financial investment of these universities in the service. 

  1. EDMUNDO counsellors are not paid differently depending on the universities they advise students to apply to. This the management’s way of making sure that the counsellors have students’ best interests as the foremost priority.
  2. Our counselling service is for FREE also to give students the possibility of renouncing the admission process should they want to without any financial repercussion. Unlike educational agents, EDMUNDO will never ask for counselling fees for admission at the partner universities.
  3. Since we do get requests to help students apply to other universities other than the ones in our portfolio, we established a completely different educational consulting business (called UNIVERSALIO – www.universalio.org) that the applicants pay for. 
  4. Over 40.000 students have already benefited from FREE counselling services from EDMUNDO in our 10 years of existence. Over 8.000 out of them actually started their studies abroad at a partner university.

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